CONTROVERSIAL Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage returned to the Whites Hotel yesterday to speak at a rally for his new party.

The former UKIP leader visited Bolton after a tough day of campaigning which saw him pelted with a milkshake in Newcastle.

Mr Farage, who is now fronting a new group called The Brexit Party, told The Bolton News the incident was testament to the “radicalisation” of left-wing activists who do not share his views.

He went on to say that some politicians should be considering whether they are “responsible” for such situations.

The rally was attended by hundreds of members of the new party as candidates across the country chase votes ahead of this week’s European Elections.

Speaking to the crowd, Mr Farage said: “Brexit hasn’t happened because, right from the very start, a significant number of people in public life in this country have betrayed the will of the people.”

The 55-year-old has previously visited the hotel for a UKIP rally and used it as the launching point for his Leave Means Leave Campaign.

This latest rally came at a difficult time for The Brexit Party, after the Electoral Commission announced earlier in the day that it would be sending agents to the group's offices to check documents over concerns about funding.

Mr Farage said he had been shocked by the announcement, claiming members of his party had met with the commission a week before and received approval but that this was not put in writing.

He said: "We went to the Electoral Commission last week to show them the checks and methods that we have in place to make sure that donations to this part are legal and absolutely in line with the law.

"They gave us a clean bill of health. We asked them to please put it in writing which they didn't do."

He was well-received by supporters, with almost every attendee claiming to be a member of the newly launched Brexit Party.

One supporter was the former headteacher of St Joseph’s High School, 78-year-old, Eric Hester.

He said: “I think we need a change. I’ve always been a Conservative but they’ve made a complete hash of Brexit. I’ll be interested to hear what Mr Farage has to say.”

Darcy Iveson, 19, added: “The Brexit Party speaks to me because there is problem with immigration in this country which I think they can sort out.

“I left the Conservative Party due to Theresa May’s handling of the situation.”

Other speakers at the rally included businessman Ajay Jagota, writer Claire Fox, TV presenter David Bull and financial group CEO Richard Tice.