OWNERS of a popular Indian takeaway and bar in Chorley have been amazed by the response of customers to the news of their ‘sudden closure’.

The Shanti Lounge has been running on Barnes Wallis Way since 2013 but bosses announced the decision on their Facebook page that they had shut permanently on April 26.

The post attracted more than 100 comments on social media and owner Grav Dhar says it was sad news as they ‘have kept people fed and watered - some of them six nights a week’.

Grav said: “We have been looking to sell up for about a year now. My old man Mithu (Dhar) is the one who runs it and he is looking forward to retiring.

“Also, I suppose it was the way the development has developed over the years is one of the reasons we have decided to go.

“We bought the unit in 2013 and were the second business on there after the barbers.

“When you start off a business like this we were looking to make best of it by as it would be like a high street with shops on both sides.

“It should have been the focal point of the village and that would have brought good footfall us.

“However the land across the road is just wasteland.

“People are not going to see you when they drive off the main road like their used to as the industrial units block the view and it was enclosed around us.”

Grav added they have found it hard to find a buyer for the site.

“Our site is very premium and very upmarket and it was a concept not seen before.

“It is not the kind of place where you go and pick up an old magazine or a TV sitting in the corner.

“We had people who came on their hen-dos and even people who have met at the Shanti Lounge.”

“It is a shame to see it go and it is upsetting to read through all the comments on Facebook and it gets you emotional.

“I think it is fantastic that we have got a great loyal customer base and it has worked.

“It is upsetting but we have given it a good shot with six years and everything has a shelf life.”

Dhar believes they will not be looking to set up the business elsewhere.

He said: “When we started there was the plans for the Harvester but the War Horse put in plans for the site off the roundabout and then the Harvester arrived.

“It is harder for family-run businesses to run when you have chains that can offer a curry and a pint for £5. Also KFC has arrived and you can see the queues on there.

“When you have more chains and food firms in the area, it means you are competing for people's money."