A GROUP of councillors are set to discuss news that Phase Two of the Market Walk retail scheme is rated at ‘amber’ on a scale of progress.

Chorley Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee met on Thursday to look at the council’s business development and growth.

The Market Walk project was rated as amber with the reasons being that there are risks to the scheme.

They include: securing the remaining tenants in the current and leisure marketplace and discussions are ongoing with potential tenants, also REEL Cinemas and M&S want early access dates based on the current programme but council chiefs think that with close project management of build in place it will be on target.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council, said: “The Market Walk project is rated amber due to the current programme for construction being tight and the complex nature of the project with many interdependencies.

“The development is progressing really well and we are on track to get everything completed as planned with the extension opening before Christmas.”

Leader of the opposition Cllr Alan Cullens says they will be continuing to push for reports of progress on the scheme.

He said: “The project is concerning as there is fickle progress going on over people signing up.

“There is a Market Walk Steering Group which we are part off.

“There has already been disruption to the town centre and for shoppers while this is taking place.

“The concern is that there are only two signed up and they need new tenants in there ready for the opening.

“There has been a shift in the development to leisure which we think is a good idea.

“Cafes and bars would benefit the night-time economy and compliment the cinema.”

Work will start on improving Union Street, which is adjacent to the extension, in the coming months and more detailed will be provided on that once the programme of work is finalised.