COUNCIL workers are highlighting the problem of dog-fouling ... with spray-paint.

As part of a clean-up campaign, workmen were sent out armed with orange paint – to spray dog muck.

South Ribble Council tweeted: “When we see dog fouling, before clearing it, we are spray-painting it orange to bring people’s attention to this rather disgusting issue.

“So while we will always clean the streets of dog fouling, we want to urge dog owners to clean up after their pets. We hope this campaign will raise awareness of the issue.

“The orange paint will remain for a period — thereby showing problem areas & reminding dog owners to clean up.”

Loretta Whiteley from the 'Dog Issues Leyland' Facebook group said: “I think the council are taking this problem seriously.

“Every member of our group are responsible dog owners in the area and they get annoyed seeing dog mess on the streets.

“Every coat I have has poo bags in it and I have found myself picking up dog mess left by other dog owners.

“This will help to raise awareness of the problem and hope people will not do it.”

Cllr Caroline Moon said: “Our campaign to crack down on dog fouling began in February and aims to highlight this issue as one of local importance but also one of personal responsibility.

“Dog owners must make sure they are cleaning up after their pets – but where they do not, we will be using orange spray paint to bring people’s attention to it, in a bid to totally eradicate this unnecessary problem.

“While we will remove the dog fouling, the orange paint remains behind as a reminder to dog owners that someone has had to come out and clean it up for them.”