From Magpies to butter pies! A feature film portraying life in contemporary Chorley is all set for a charity premiere.

Chorley: The Movie, which has been eight months in production, it aims to capture the frustrations, failures and struggles that the town's inhabitants encounter in their fight to preserve local traditions.

The film has been a labour of love for its two creators, Ian Loughlin, 30, and Andrew Huddy, 31, who have put hundreds of hours into producing the film.

The grand unveiling is set for Chorley Little Theatre on October 26 and 27, with all proceeds going to Derian House.

Speaking as he completed the editing, Ian said: "We've done it all in our spare time and weekends, with our own money, using borrowed equipment, it's about as lo-fi as you can get.

"Our original intention was to capture landscape of Chorley before it disappeared completely and we forgot what it once was.

"During the time of production, various institutions of the town started having problems, such as football club, the market, and Harrys Bar.

"Michael Jennings started training for what would culminate into a world title fight so we were able to combine all these stories. I suppose you could say we were lucky with our timing."

The duo managed to persuade a host of celebrities to participate in the film, with Emmerdale soap star Joe Gilgun narrating and welterweight boxing champion, Jennings, granting them full access.

Other famous faces include Bill Beaumont, Phil Cool, Dave Spikey, James Walsh from Starsailor and actor Ken Morley.

And figures from local politics such as Lindsay Hoyle, Peter Goldsworthy and Donna Hall are also included.

Ian said the experience has left him with a strong sense of pride in the town.

"We think there's certainly things to be proud of if you look hard enough,"he said.

"It seems far too many people prefer to bash small towns these days because it's seen as the clever and cool thing to do.

"But instead of taking the verbal pounding, Chorley will fight back."

Tickets for the film are £5 and can be purchased from Malcolm's Musicland, Chapel Street and The Imperial pub, Union Street.