A CAR flipped on its roof and crashed into railings in Chorley town centre.

Two fire engines were called to the scene on Clifford Street just before 9pm tonight. 

An eyewitness said they were ‘shocked’ two people got out of the car.

He said: “I honestly thought they wouldn’t of made it out alive, it was a total wreck. 

“Apparently two people were in the car but I only saw one stood next to the paramedic, and I was heading to McDonald’s when I saw the police van blocking the road.

”I heard that the driver went through the railings. 

“I also heard  it was a BMW but it was so hard to tell at the time. That man’s lucky to be still walking after the state of the car. 

“It was not on fire as the  fire crew sprayed it with water but there wasn’t any signs of it lighting.”