CHORLEY comic Dave Spikey appears to have deleted his Twitter account after venting to fans about his struggle to get back on television.

Spikey, who starred in Phoenix Nights alongside comedians Paddy McGuinness and Peter Kay, told followers he was feeling 'frustrated and demoralised at times' but was determined to 'crack on'.

After posting the messages his account has now disappeared.

Spikey previously told how he was still writing and had penned a number of scripts including about a Sunday Football Team, ballroom dancing in a Blackpool Hotel, with Neil Firzmaurice, a script about a working class family who dream of a life in the sun with Jim Cartwright and about three lads in Cumbria.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, Dave wrote: "It can be frustrating and demoralising at times but hey, get your head down and crack on."

Spikey, who also wrote Dead Man Weds, a comedy about life in a local newspaper office, opened up about his struggle after a tweet from a fan.

The fan tweeted: "Dave! Just watching Phoenix nights!! Missing you on the telebox! What are you up to these days? Are you still on the TV?"

Spikey responded : "No mate. Not for want of trying ! Keep writing - keep getting rejections - don't know what they're looking for ! One man tour show "Juggling on a Motor Bike" still going well."

He also revealed that he would like to appear on a Saturday night television comedy show.

Dave wrote: "Love to do Live at the Apollo but they don’t seem interested. Possibly an age thing?"

Spikey put out a "trailer" for his football script on his Twitter timeline, adding: "If you like the teasers of Footballers Lives could you please retweet - you never know a clued up TV/Film Commissioner might get a look and like it. Cheers . Dave"

Spikey made his name on the hit Phoenix Nights show 16 years ago, which catapulted fellow comedians Paddy McGuinness and Peter Kay to stardom.

Fans have been rallying to support him, with one writing: "I wanna see more comedy greats like yourself back on tv, age is only a number n looking back in history the best comedians had age to them. I think your fabulous spikey n miss u on tv, sincerely mean that. Keep riding the comedy horse."