CHORLEY MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle is concerned about the closure of Chorley Magistrates Court.

It is believed that workers at the St Thomas Road facility have been given a closure date of April 30.

However, an HM Courts and Tribunals spokesperson said: “No date has been set for the closure of Chorley Magistrates Court.

“We are currently developing a timeline for the work so cannot confirm a potential closure date at this stage.

“The closure of any court is not taken lightly and, where a service is moved outside the local area, this will only happen following a full public consultation.”

The court will close next year much to the disappointment of Sir Lindsay.

He said: “It is disgraceful that the courts are closing.

“It is the wrong thing to do and the effects will be there if witnesses are having to travel to court in Preston or elsewhere.

“Justice has to be seen to be done in Chorley and it is unacceptable.

“We have had a strong justice system and they moved the juvenile courts were moved away and now this will be the death of courts in Chorley.

“Preston is a difficult place to get into from Chorley.

“It will be even harder for people coming from the villages to get to Chorley whether they are witnesses or not.

“Chorley is one of the fastest growing areas in Lancashire so us not having our own courts is wrong.

“I have met with the Justice Ministers calling for a re-think but it has led to nothing.”

Sir Lindsay insists it is a real shame for the town.

He added: “Why should witnesses have to travel long distances?

“Also there are a lot of solicitors in the area around the courts and I worry about the impact on them having to travel.

“It will also affect police officers as they can arrest people and then go to the courts next door but now they will have to travel to Preston.

“Is it not a waste of police time for them to have to travel to courts.

“Surely they could

be better served on

our streets rather

than having to