BOTANY Bay will shut its doors early next year, with one trader appealing for help to find new premises.

Owners Acepark Group say it will shut in February to allow development-enabling works for the Botany Bay Outlet Village to proceed.

One of the traders, Barrica Wines, posted on its Facebook page: “As tenants, we had been working on the assumption that this development would begin later next year.

“We have recently been advised that this is not the case. Work will begin early next year, and so we have been given three months notice to vacate our premises.

“As you can imagine, this has not only come as a shock, but also means that we have a very short space of time to find a new home for Barrica, which will be logistically challenging at the very least.

“I would also ask you to all keep an eye or ear open for any potential suitable premises for us.

“I believed that we had found our forever home at Botany, and it may be that we will be able to return to be a part of those plans, but that’s not looking hopeful.”

A spokesperson for Acepark Group said: “This was an extremely difficult decision to make and we realise that it will be devastating news for our stallholders but the operational review has concluded that it is not economically viable to make extensive repairs to a building that is earmarked for redevelopment.

“The mill will continue to trade for the next three months, during which time we will work closely with Chorley Council, local employment agencies and property landlords to give our colleagues, tenants and stallholders the best possible chance of securing alternative roles and locations.”

Cllr Alistair Bradley, leader of the council, said: “If any of the businesses in Botany Bay would like any support we are here to help.

“We’ve already contacted the owners of Botany Bay with this offer for any of their traders whether its assistance with finding suitable alternative premises or just general business advice.

“The independent boutique type offer fits really well with the town centre so if we can match businesses up with premises there then it will ensure the business can keep operating and it will benefit the town centre too.

“We have support available for people whose jobs are at risk and we’d encourage those people to get in touch if they’d like assistance in gaining new employment.

“It is a shame that the mill has to close while improvement works are carried out but if the future vision for Botany Bay can be realised then it will have a long term benefit for our local economy.”