WORK has started on a state-of-the-art play facility.

Council chiefs are continuing work on Coronation Recreation Ground with construction of a new toddler play area and they hope it will be complete by the end of next month.

A play area for children over eight, a fitness zone and multi-use games area will also be constructed in the location of the existing play area to be completed by mid December.

The old play equipment will be fenced off and removed from this coming week and signage has been put up on site to signpost users to alternative play areas during the construction phase.

They include Astley Park, Rangletts Rec, the new play area at Harpers Lane Rec and smaller sites such as Redwing Drive and Stansted Road.

Cllr Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, said: “There have been some major improvements taking place at Harper’s Lane rec and this Saturday there will be some fun activities for the family as we mark the official opening of the play area.

“At Coronation Rec we have refurbished the single tennis court and major work starts this week in creating the toddler play area where the double tennis court used to be.

“Once that’s done we’ll be providing new equipment for children aged 8+, creating a multi-use games area and a fitness zone.

“We’ve put more than £600,000 into these play areas as it is important we give people places they can enjoy together as a family.”

It is all part of plans by the council to spend £600,000 to Coronation Park and Harpers Recreation Ground.

Both recreation grounds are expected to have CCTV equipment installed to keep them as safe and enjoyable places for people to spend time together.

Harpers Recreation Ground will have a new play area for 2-12 year olds and an improved ball court with artificial grass surfacing. A new pump track is proposed to be installed which will provide off road terrain for cycle sport. Additional works will be carried out on the surrounding areas and footpaths to make the park more attractive and to improve circulation.

Coronation Recreation Ground will have a new toddler area on its existing double tennis court and the single tennis court will be refurbished. A new multi-use games area will be installed with play equipment for ages 8+ and fitness equipment. Accessible toilets and a kiosk will also be created in the existing building to cater to the needs of the public. Access points, gates and grounds will be improved to make the park more appealing to visitors.