A 60-YEAR-OLD woman was threatened with a knife by two men just minutes after leaving a bingo hall.

Lisa Tickle has been left so scared by the incident at the Gala Bingo on Market Street in Chorley last night at 9.30pm that she does not want to go back.

It is believed two men who were 6ft tall approached her just seconds after leaving the hall and were holding a kitchen knife and stole £200 and items of jewellery including a medical necklace telling people she was diabetic and had heart problems.

Son Lewis said: "It is disgusting that someone would do this and am so angry about pulling a knife out on my mum.

"She had walked away from the entrance as it gets really busy and nobody was about where she was.

"Two males started following her and they were 6ft and were in their 20s.

"They have been watching and seen she was on her own and just seized the chance and took it.

"She is still in shock and did not know what to do and just gave them the money and jewellery just to leave her alone."

Among the items stole was her mum's wedding ring, three or four necklaces and a medical necklace along with the cash.

Her 27-year-old son admitted she has been traumatised.

He said: "It has scared her to much to go back to the bingo.

"Her mum's ring had a lot of sentimental value to her and she is no longer with us.

"I want anyone who has seen any of the items to get in touch with police.

"We are appealing to pawnbrokers and also to people on Facebook who may see the items on sale.

"I want anyone who was in the area and saw anything to get in touch."

Det Sgt Jerry Sturgess, of Lancashire Police, said: “This was an extremely frightening incident for this lady, who had spent an evening enjoying the bingo.

“Not only was she extremely shaken up by her ordeal, but she also had the jewellery she was wearing taken from her.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Chorley Police 101 quoting log ref 1550 of August 2nd.