SOUTH Ribble Council's Scrutiny Committee are asking for help from the members of the public for ideas on how to improve the borough.

The role of the committee is to act as watchdog for the people of the borough. In the past they have investigated a wide range of issues including dentistry, policing, leisure, housing and recycling.

It keeps a constant eye on the council’s services and also those provided by other organisations including local hospitals, the police, fire service and utility companies – to ensure they meet the standards that residents in South Ribble expect.

As South Ribble Borough Council’s awards - the Investor in People Gold Standard Award and the tenth consecutive Excellence in Customer Service Award – show it is committed and eager to listen to the concerns of local people.

Once concerns have been raised, the Scrutiny Committee then investigates how the council and other organisations are performing and how things could be improved.

The results of all reviews and consultation projects are passed onto the relevant agencies, which can use the information to improve their services. Feedback about the council’s own services and facilities is used to inform future work plans.

The committee would like to hear about local issues that residents think need investigating. It meets once a month and members of the public are welcome to attend and join in discussions.

Cllr Matthew Tomlinson, chairman of South Ribble Borough Council's scrutiny committee, said: “The Scrutiny Committee exists to challenge decisions made by the council and other organisations, keeping an eye on local issues and reviewing local policies.

“The committee helps the council to work with local people and partners to improve the quality of life of residents in the borough.

“By really tapping into residents’ experiences we can get to the bottom of a lot of local issues and suggest ways for local agencies to improve the way they work.”

Residents with suggestions can call Darren Cranshaw on 01772 625512, email