A MAN is facing a bill of more than £1,400 after he was found to have committed four environmental offences.

Andrew Bryan Worsley, 22, of The Crescent, Bamber Bridge, was fined more than £600 after failing to comply with the Environment Agency’s rules for collecting and removing waste.

A fly-tip was reported to Chorley Council and was investigated by a neighbourhood officer.

Cllr Paul Walmsley, who oversees the council’s environmental prosecution, said: “The fly-tip was reported to Chorley Council and was subsequently investigated by one of our neighbourhood officers.

“The waste eventually led us to Mr Worsley who was found to have committed four environmental offences.

“If you see anyone committing a fly-tipping offence or spot rubbish that’s been dumped then please contact Chorley Council to report it.”

On October 30, 2017 a Chorley Council neighbourhood officer went to Denham Quarry, Brindle, following a report of a fly-tip. The officer found waste dumped over the fence bordering the car park, which included an exercise bike, a deck chair and a kitchen chair.

The waste led the officer to a resident’s home. The resident told the officer that it had been arranged over Facebook for Mr Worsley to collect their rubbish.

Chorley Council contacted Mr Worsley who at first admitted arrangements to collect and remove waste but denied showing up.

Mr Worsley was invited to an interview at Chorley Council where he admitted collecting the waste but, as the tip was closed, he took it to his home. He then arranged for a third party to collect and dispose of the waste.

Mr Worsley was not registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency and he failed to produce a waste transfer note for the collection and transfer of waste from where he lives and further failed to ensure that the transfer of the waste was to an authorised person.

Last Thursday, Mr Worsley failed to attend Chorley Magistrates ‘ Court but an application to proceed in his absence was successfully made and he was found guilty of all four environmental offences and fined £600, plus council costs of £757.35 and a victim surcharge of £66.

Councillor Walmsley added: “In this case, rubbish was arranged to be collected and disposed of over Facebook for a price of £25. It’s important that people are aware that this is not a trustworthy source and at such a small price sometimes it is too good to be true and that proved to be the case.” added Councillor Walmsley.

“Fly-tipping offences are taken seriously and are not tolerated by us. This offence is a waste of our money; money spent on cleaning up the aftermath could be better spent in helping our local residents. We take pride in our local areas so we ask that all local residents and visitors are respectful to their surroundings,”