COUNTY Hall chiefs are set to do an assessment over flooding in a Chorley village.

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet gave the green light for funding to look at the underlying causes of flooding in Brinscall, the future risks and identify schemes that could be funded by Defraor others to mitigate against those risks.

It comes after the problem since Boxing Day 2015, where the village suffered significant surface water flooding, with houses that badly damaged residents had to move out – some, who were in rented accommodation, had to move away from the village they loved.

There have been long-standing surface water issues on Railway Road, and, Cllr Andrew Snowden, has made it his mission to get something done to address the underlying issues and keep people’s houses safe.

He said “I’ve been campaigning on improving the drainage of surface water in the area for a number of years.

“Whilst is been great to see the £300k increase in drain clearing across Lancashire since the Conservatives won control, there are a number of other issues in Brinscall, which are about draining capacity and also the United Utilities operated and owned water flows and lodges.

“I managed to get the drains properly jetted through on Railway Road a few months ago, as after just a day of rain there was standing water across the road and it was happening all the time. That’s worked for that section now, but more needs to be done”.

Cllr Snowden added:“As you can imagine, I am delighted that years of hard work in raising this issue is paying off. This is about protecting people’s homes from a proven flooding risk. It’s an important first step as the experts will look at what could actually be done that meets the strict DEFRA funding criteria. I’d like to thank everyone involved for getting it this far”.