A SCHEME to bring in weight restrictions and reduce the speed limit on a Chorley road has been praised by councillors.

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet agreed to introduce the 7.5 tonne restriction to discourage HGVs from using Dawson Lane to access parts of Buckshaw Village.

Work is underway to introduce a 40mph limit in place of the current national speed limit, and signs will be put up over the coming weeks to bring both changes into force.

County Cllr Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “As Buckshaw Village has continued to expand, our local highways team has been monitoring the impact on local roads.

“There has been an increase in HGVs using Dawson Lane, and we’re introducing the weight restriction to move this through-traffic onto Buckshaw Avenue, which is a more suitable route for these large vehicles.

“HGVs will continue to be able to use Dawson Lane for access if they need to in order to make a pick up or delivery, but not as a through-route.

“At the same time we’ll be reducing the speed limit to 40mph which recognises that Dawson Lane is now a busier road, with this speed limit being more in keeping with other roads nearby which are similar in character.”

Cllr Mark Perks said: “For years I have been campaigning on behalf of the residents who live along this road and the pedestrian users after reports of near misses, actual accidents and the increased size and speed of HGV’s using the road from junction 8 of M61 to Matrix Park on Buckshaw.

“LCC dismissed requests for a weight restriction and reduction in the speed limit every time then the police had a change of mind in 2016 indicating they supported the idea.

“LCC initially indicated at the end of 2016 a consultation would start, they then forgot about it until I reminded them in 2017. So to say local residents and myself are delighted would be an understatement.”