RESIDENTS on a Chorley street are concerned about the a hole in their road.

Locals on Buchanan Street had been delighted after a pothole was repaired outside their houses but just days later another hole appeared in it’s place.

Helen Johnson said: “We noticed the road surface sinking a couple of weeks ago. We reported it to Lancashire County Council on the Monday and four men came on the Tuesday to fix it.

“But on May 3rd only four days after it was fixed my neighbour noticed it had now collapsed. We got an emergency highways person to come and he put a cone on it .

“It is now worse as it is a sink hole. We feel let down as we have children who play out on the street and it is unsafe.

“No-one is bothered and it has been a week and nothing is being done.

“United Utilities came to check the sewer that runs underneath where it has collapsed and they said it was fine.

Another neighbour Danielle Childs added: “It is ridiculous and needs to be fixing before it causes and accident.

“They fixed a pothole and made an even bigger problem.

“Lancashire County Council need to get it fixed using the budget that we heard about in last week’s newspaper.”

Another neighbour added: “The state of the road is dangerous and it careless of Lancashire County Council to have left it like that and not returned and not done anything until it is fixed.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “We inspected this site when it was first reported to us towards the end of April, and made the road safe by filling a hole which had appeared.

“The hole was along the line of a trench which had previously been made by a utility company and we suspected the problem may have been caused by the trench not being properly filled in.

“The hole appeared again last week and we immediately made it safe with cones and reported it to United Utilities as its location next to a manhole cover suggested it may be due to a drainage problem. We will investigate further if UU report that their inspection has found that their systems are not the cause.”