RESIDENTS in 17 areas of Chorley will get the chance to go to the polling stations this week to vote for council elections.

There are local parish elections on May 3 with 17 seats of the 20 borough wards up for grabs.

Among them are: Adlington & Anderton, ?Astley & Buckshaw, Chisnall, Chorley East, ?Chorley North East, ?Chorley North West, Chorley South East, Chorley South West, ?Clayton-le-Woods & Whittle-le-Woods, Clayton-le-Woods North, Clayton-le-Woods West & Cuerden, ?Coppull, ?Eccleston & Mawdesley, ?Euxton North, ?Euxton South, ?Pennine and ?Wheelton & Withnell.

There will also be parish council elections in Euxton North East, Euxton North West and Euxton South.

Polling stations will open from 7am and will then close at 10pm.

The list of Candidates are: ?ADLINGTON & ANDERTON - Albert Dunn (Lab), Paul Lowe (Con), Philip Pilling (Lib Dem), ?ASTLEY & BUCKSHAW - Matthew Lynch (Lab), Aidy Riggott (Con), CHISNALL - Mervyn Holden (Con), Alan Whittaker (Lab), CHORLEY EAST - Clare Grew (Con), Hasina Khan (Lab), ?CHORLEY NORTH EAST - Ryan Hoey (Con), Alistair Morwood (Lab), Tommy Shorrock (UKIP),?CHORLEY NORTH WEST - Sarah Ainsworth (Lab), Luke Kerr (Con), Ralph Snape (Ind), CHORLEY SOUTH EAST - Marie Gray (Con), Bev Murray (Lab), David Porter (Lib Dem), CHORLEY SOUTH WEST - Diane Curtis (Lib Dem), Roy Lees (Lab), Sandra Mercer (Con), ?CLAYTON-LE-WOODS AND WHITTLE-LE-WOODS - Eric Bell (Con), William Carpenter (Ind), Glenda Charlesworth (Lib Dem), Mark Clifford (Lab), CLAYTON-LE-WOODS NORTH - Magda Cullens (Con), Yvonne Hargreaves (Lab), CLAYTON-LE-WOODS WEST & CUERDEN - Mick Muncaster (Con), Gail Ormston (Lib Dem), Neville Whitham (Lab), ?COPPULL - Carole Billouin (Con), Steve Holgate (Lab), ECCLESTON & MAWDESLEY - Catherine Donergan (Lab), Mark Frost (Lib Dem), Keith Iddon (Con), Mark Smith (UKIP), ?EUXTON NORTH - Tommy Gray (Lab + Co-op), Barry Mason (Democrats and Vets Party), Hazel Walton (Con), ?EUXTON SOUTH - Phil Loynes (Con), Gillian Sharples (Lab), ?PENNINE - Gordon France (Lab), Peter Malpas (Con), ?WHEELTON & WITHNELL - Margaret France (Lab) and Caroline Snowden (Con).