A CAR has been written off following a collision with a lamppost.

Police were called to the incident near Temple Way in Chorley shortly before 6pm on Friday.

Witness Michael Hannah said the car was 'not going fast'.

He said: "The car hit the curb on near side which made it go across to middle and hit lamp post.

"It was not going fast, I saw it happen and stopped to make sure driver and passenger were ok."

A police spokesman said it was amazing that no one was injured in the collision.

He said: " Amazingly, nobody has been injured although the car is definitely a write off.

"Highways assisted with a damaged lamppost and north west ambulance checked over the people involved."

The spokesman said the driver was breathalysed at the scene.

He said: "It appears the collision was a result of driver error.

"The individual passed the roadside breath test.

"Both driver and passenger are completely fine and the vehicle was scheduled to be recovered today by the company.

"Any damage will be settled via the insurance company with Lancashire county council.

"Thanks as always for those who drove carefully around the incident.

"Big thanks to the individual who rang us so quickly as the incident could have been much worse."