BUSINESSES are concerned about plans to shut part of a town centre road in Leyland permanently.

Lancashire County Council is discussing plans to close the top of Chapel Brow.

Cllr Paul Wharton, who represents the Farrington ward, said: “It is going to be terrible for local businesses as they rely on passing trade and it may mean they have to close.

“I can understand where Lancashire Country Council is coming from as there have been some accidents at the top of the road.

“But these businesses are people’s livelihoods.

“We should be encouraging local town centres to thrive but this is going to stop them.

“Also the Queens pub at the top of Golden Hill Lane are being told they can park their lorries on the main road rather than going along Chapel Brow but that is going to make it harder for people to park on Golden Hill Lane with lorries there. It will make it more difficult to get out of Northgate as well.

“I don’t know if they have thought about that.”

Cllr Claire Hamilton, who represents the Leyland Central ward, said: “This is a very concerning situation for local business as they think if they shut the top of the site it will have a detrimental impact on them.

“They say that they are going to put a turning circle at the top but how are the breweries going to get their vans to the pub at the top.

“I have spoken to Sandra from the hairdressers and she says that her customers rely on parking on the road but if it is harder for them to do that then they will not want to do it.”

County Cllr Matthew Tomlinson said: “I am still in a sense of shock how I came about seeing it. The very first thing I knew was seeing it on a cabinet paper saying £250k was being given for installation of a pelican crossing and then it said about Chapel Brown being closed.

“When I spoke to other South Ribble council officers and businesses they did not know about it. I have spoken to the county councillor with responsibility for the highways and transport Keith Iddon and he assured me nothing will be done without a consultation with the local businesses.

“When that happens I will be making sure people know about it so they can tell their views.”

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