A SPECIAL meeting of the development control committee at Chorley Council will decide on the future of a site of a former theme park in Chorley.

Campaigners in Charnock Richard are concerned about the plans for 195 homes and 30,000sq ft of office space and workshops on the former Camelot Theme Park on Park Hall Road.

Story Homes submitted the plan and councillors will vote on the scheme at a meeting on March 27.

Alan McMillan, from Heskin, is on a steering committee battling the plans and is calling on residents to attend.

He said: “Story Homes made an application for 400 houses on that site which was rejected 20-0 unanimously as it is unacceptable development on green belt land.

“They have now responded to the application by making it 195 but put industrial units there and everyone knows they are just doing that to get it through.

“The councillors voted that 400 homes was not right for the area but it does not take an idiot to see them putting the application for 195 homes and then later when that is approved coming back and putting an ‘infilling’ application for more.

“Also there is no shortfall of housing land in the borough. Chorley has sufficient housing land to meet local needs for approximately 5 to 7 years, as supported by the recent decision of an Inspector, therefore the proposed development is not required to meet the Council’s five year housing land supply target. In fact it is not on the Yellow stage of development.

“If the officers change their minds it is going against what the councillors vote last time.

“It will affect our doctors and schools. In the plans they said a mum could get on their bike with a sick children and ride into Chorley. But how many mums would do that.”

Cllr Paul Leadbetter, who represents the Chisnall ward, said: “There are problems with infrastructure and highways, doctors surgeries and school places.

“It is just like another village coming on there.”

Siobhan Sweeney development planner for Story Homes said: “We have held a number of consultations with key stakeholders, local residents and Parish Councils on the former Camelot theme park site.

“We have listened to the views of all those who attended throughout the last 18 months and formed the planning application taking comments in to consideration.

“We have taken significant steps to reduce the number of houses from our previous application. The scheme now includes employment use and further benefits include contributions to education, public transport, the delivery of affordable housing and significant open space.

“We hope that this application is approved by members on the March 27.”