A CHORLEY councillor has come up with an interesting way to celebrate Lent....by cleaning up his community.

County Councillor Aidy Riggott (Euxton, Buckshaw & Astley) is leading a new community initiative as part of his ‘Cleaner and Tidier Communities’ campaign.

Aidy and his colleagues Phil Loynes, Cllr Debra Platt and Hazel Walton are spending a few minutes on each day of Lent cleaning street and road signs, litter picking, doing street light checks or out on dog foul and clean up patrol .

County Cllr Aidy Riggott said: “This is my way of saying thank you to the residents of Buckshaw Village, Astley Village and Euxton for the great honour of electing me as their County Councillor back in May and an opportunity for me to give a little something extra back to our communities.”

Campaigner Phil Loynes said “We have a number of small projects lined up which will help contribute to keeping our communities a clean and tidy place to live and we are keeping residents up to date on this community initiative.”

Meanwhile, work has begun this week on curing a long standing flooding problem between houses and the main road in Euxton.

When the houses off Talbot Drive in Euxton were built a ginnel between Countessway, leading to Balshaw Lane, through the play area, was created but was never fitted with a drain.

This long-standing problem has become worse with changing weather conditions and it appears, the sinking of the land, this was highlighted to Euxton Parish Council which investigated how it could help.

Cllr Gemma Rypel, said: “I am grateful to the resident who highlighted this problem to the Council and that the Committee has found a way to solve it for all the residents on this estate who use this pathway”.