COUNCIL chiefs are trying to find youths who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Astley Hall and the Coachhouse.

It is believed a group of four people ran from room to room moving furniture and damaging the newly-restored flooring in the recently opened Towneley Parker room during the weekend.

The council posted an appeal on their Facebook page appealing for help to find the youths after they also kicked a radiator and flooding the building.

Also they targetted the lift and male toilets leaving graffiti.

The post read: “Later in the day the group returned taunting staff who were trying to sort the flood damage, throwing stones and using abusive language.

The post added: “If you were one of the people causing the damage we hope you realise the impact of your actions as the cost will have to be picked up by local council taxpayers and we’d much rather spend the money on improving the hall and delivering services for local people.

Rt Hon Lindsay Hoyle hit out at the warrant ‘vandalism’ at the facility.

He said: “Astley Hall is the the envy of many councils in such lovely parkland.

“Yet vandalism has taken place with radiators kicked and graffiti on the wall and there is damage to the building.

“It is unacceptable and we need a review into security at the hall.

“As easy as it could have been to cause damage there, there could have been a fire or some historic items could have been stolen and we need to protect what is the jewel in the crown for future generations.”