CAMPAIGNERS battling for Chorley and South Ribble District General Hospital’s A&E department to re-open full-time are planning preparations for a milestone.

On March 10, it will mark 100 weeks of protestors gathering outside the hospital when health chiefs closed the A&E department.

Their efforts paid off as the department re-opened part time.

Steve Turner, Co-Chairman of Protect Chorley and South Ribble Hospital from cuts and privatisation, said: “Our campaign has been a shining example of people standing together to demand that hospital services stay in our town for the benefit of all.Standing together for 100 weeks come hail, snow or shine is a truly amazing achievement!

“We have made sure our A&E service that was taken away from us has returned back home to save lives , and although for only 12 hours people said it couldn’t be done but we did! The campaigners will remain until we see a fully operational A&E 24/7.”

Jenny Hurley, events group chair and co-ordinator said: “We’re just people from Chorley and South Ribble.

“There’s no big organisation giving support, just ordinary people who believe in the NHS. It’s an amazing achievement of dedication that something is still going for 100 weeks and we’ve received messages of support from all over the country. We get lots of stories of people who’ve suffered because of cuts to prescribed medicines or elective surgery.

“People who’ve had problems getting to Preston, or Blackburn when relatives have been triaged away from Chorley. The family support just isn’t available in times of vulnerability. It’s these stories that keep us going.

“It’s something that effects us all and since announcing the date we’ve had confirmation of people coming from all over Lancashire in support.”