A GROUP of protestors from Chorley descended on London at the weekend joining fellow campaigners in the battle to ‘put the care back in the NHS’.

The call for the march was because the #NHSWinterCrisis has long since descended into a perpetual year round crisis.

Jenny Hurley, who was one of the people who went down to the capital.

She said: “Campaigners are tired that staff have been brought to their knees and patients suffering and even dying in overcrowded waiting rooms and hospital corridors.

“Promotion for the march reports the “third world” conditions our NHS staff having to work under and that our patients are having to endure.

“As the march was called at such short notice for a national event, events were arranged all over the country at local hospitals and over 50 hospitals took part, including Chorley & South Ribble Hospital. We were one of the few who had campaigners at both venues.

“Our message is for the government to stop blaming the crisis on patients, nurses, doctors, immigrants, the flu and the elderly.

“I’ve been outside the hospital, or at another NHS event since the closure of our hospital A&E in April 2016.

“I and many many other people of Chorley & South Ribble, won’t stop until our NHS is back in properly funded, public hands, publicly funded, publicly delivered and free at the point of use for all services.

“Some of our campaigners have had to stop “minor” treatments because they can’t afford the medications.

“We’ve had campaigners who have had time off work because they’re in pain with cysts that are no longer treated on the NHS. They can’t to go private.”