POLICE are warning youths to stop throwing eggs at cars and businesses. 

Officers are telling the offenders to ‘STOP AND THINK’ about their actions. 

In a Facebook post by Chorley Police, Sgt Paul Harrison wrote: “We are getting an increased number of reports of egging and stoning incidents in Chorley.  

“Police cars, member of publics’ cars and business premises are being targeted by local youths.  

“Remember CCTV is everywhere!!!!

“The actions of these youths could cause Road Traffic Accidents and cause some serious harm.  

”You know who you are!

“Rest assured we are sifting through CCTV as we speak.  

“We have identified 6 youths we believe are involved and one who is certainly involved who will be being interviewed.

“We will be taking positive action on any offenders and dealing with them.

“Can residents be vigilant and report any ASB to 101.”