A COUPLE fear their dream wedding at a chapel in Rhodes will be ruined after foreign weddings were banned when some newlyweds photographed themselves appearing to perform a sex act in front of it.

Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes decided to ban all foreign weddings at the monastery of St Paul after Matthew Lunn posted a photo of his new wife Carly appearing to perform the lewd act.

Chorley couple Suzanne Sharples, 33, and Steve Arnold , 38, who met three and a half years ago, are now facing an anxious wait to hear whether they will be able to get married in the chapel next May.

The couple and their guests have already spent thousands of pounds on the wedding and accommodation.

Suzanne, a regional sales manager for a travel agent, said: “I booked it 18 months ago and everything has been finalised.

“Everybody has booked to come out. We have 52 guests coming out staying in the same hotel and travelling out together.

“I was really excited. All the bridesmaid dresses and flowers have been arranged and then we get this news last week.

“I spoke to my wedding planner who is having a final meeting with the mayor on Saturday.

“It is awful. We booked it because of that chapel. We saw it and thought ‘that is where we want to get married’. We are really upset about it.”

She said the pair have paid a deposit to have the wedding reception at a hotel and friends and family have already paid for the accommodation.

The mum-of-two said it was a ‘really stupid thing’ for the couple to do.

She said: “I don’t think they have even apologised to the people in Greece.

“I think they should make a heartfelt apology. They have ruined it for all the other brides.

“We have set up a facebook page and everybody is in the same boat. There are hundreds of people.

“People who have booked two years in advance. It is awful. The worst thing we could think of would be that it would rain. We would never have predicted this happening.

“My family are trying to be positive but it is just a case of waiting until after the weekend when we have a definite answer.”

A Rotherham couple have confirmed they are considering legal action against Mr and Mrs Lunn.