THE family of a three-year-old girl who has been struck by a one-in-40million degenerative brain disease has started a charity to help research the condition.

Bella Morris, described as a ‘happy and fun loving’ little girl, was diagnosed last year with with a very rare condition called Vanishing White Matter.

It is a terminal condition with no current cure, which gradually destroys the white matter in the brain resulting in loss of motor skills.

Little Bella, who lives in the Eaves Lane area of Chorley, has already lost the use of her legs and her mobility skills and her physical capacity will decline further as the disease progresses.

Her father, Peter Morris, 36, said: “Our daughter was fine until she was two but now a year later she can’t walk.

“The statistics we’ve been told is that the disease strikes about one in 40 million.

“Eventually she will be restricted to a chair and bed and then ultimately death, with life expectancy five to 10 years after diagnosis.

“Bella is a happy and content child, although she can be strong willed.

“She goes to nursery nearby, has lots of fun and thankfully is not in any pain.

“Our family just takes it a day at a time and create happiness and joy around her, it’s the only way of dealing with what is going on.”

Peter shares Bella’s care with ex-partner Natalie, 32, and the tot has two older brothers, Tyler and Leo and an eight-year-old sister Sophie.

In the past week Mr Morris has set up The Rainbow Dream charity.

He said: “Our aim is a race against time to increase awareness and understanding of the condition and to raise funds for the promising research in Tel Aviv to find a cure undertaken by Professor Orna Elroy-Stein.

“Last year we started a campaign called Saving Bella Morris and this did well raising £25,000 and this continues from that. Our aim is to reach £2.5m to enable the research to progress more rapidly towards this cure.“We want to stop families having their children’s lives being taken from them and this can be done in our lifetime.” Details: of the charity can be found at