STUDENTS at Holy Cross Catholic High School will have a lasting reminder of their time there – as students have designed stained glass windows for the school’s chapel.

Margaret Whittle, who is in charge of Art and Design, was asked to design the stained glass windows by Linda Walmsley the Lay Chaplain.

She decided, as she was a Year Eight tutor at the time, to get them involved in the process.

“We agreed it would be a lovely idea to get all the pupils involved for the school community.

“The head of year eight, Cath Shepherd encouraged the children to become involved and they showed great enthusiasm and artistic flair throughout the project.

“I organised a theme for every tutor group and each pupil designed an A4 picture.

“I chose the best 15 and awarded them with prizes.

“I then decided to take sections from each picture and drew the outline on the windows.

“This started in September 2014 and each tutor had a list of six pupils on a rota system who came down to the chapel during registration to work on the stained glass with my supervision and we finally completed them in July this year.

“I am extremely proud. I have been an art teacher at Holy Cross for the last 14 years and it’s a caring and rewarding school to work in shown by events such as this.”