A SEVEN-year compensation battle with Lancashire County Council over the upgrading of a busy roundabout off the A6 has resulted in a £75,000 payout for a Chorley businessman.

Anthony Livesey had sought £100,000 for the stress and effect on the value of his Preston Road home caused by improvements to the junction with the A674, leading to junction eight of the M61, which were completed in March 2006.

He claimed that the constant drone of traffic at the reconstituted roundabout was making him lose sleep, sooty deposits on foliage surrounding his detached home, known as Hartwood, had markedly increased due to increased traffic and lighting columns were shining into his property.

Mr Livesey, who had lived at the property since 1963, a land tribunal heard, was adamant that the extra road usage had been caused by the twin demands of the expanding Buckshaw Village and Matrix Park.

And he was also unhappy to be frequently disturbed both by the air brakes of passing lorries and the sirens of emergency vehicles which could no longer negotiate the roundabout easily without flashing blue lights.

But project manager Philip Wilson, an expert instructed by the county council, insisted that the road had become busier as it served as the main northern exit fromChorley town centre.

Mr Wilson also told the tribunal that vegetation had been cut back at Hartwood, reducing screening to the house, and he disputed that there would be more light 'spillage' from the new columns, which had been improved so they only illuminated the pavement and road, and not nearby land.

The tribunal was told that the county council, represented by counsel Alan Evans, would only accept handing over compensation totalling £35,750, for Mr Livesey's losses.

Approving the £75,000 settlement, tribunal adjudicator Norman Rose said he accepted there would be a minor noise level increase and 'slight increase' in headlight intrusion.

" I also accept Mr Livesey’s evidence that in his perception the changes to the street lighting have resulted in a significant increase in light intrusion to the subject property; that the increased traffic at the junction has led to a much greater use of emergency sirens and corresponding disturbance and that the extent of sooty deposits on his vegetation has increased significantly," he added.