The overwhelming majority of people in Lancashire want a moratorium on fracking until more research is available on the impacts of the controversial industry.

The fresh poll of 500 Lancashire residents released today shows nearly two thirds (63 per cent) are in favour of a fracking ban, with an even stronger majority (69 per cent) saying more time should be allowed for a public debate to take place before planning authorities decide on drilling licences.

The Redshift Research survey for Greenpeace UK also strongly suggests fracking may play a significant role in the 2015 election race.

The results show local voters are three times more likely to back an anti-fracking candidate (45 per cent) than a pro-shale one (14 per cent).

A majority of respondents (56%) have also said they are against allowing energy companies to frack in the county, with nearly two thirds (63%) saying they are concerned about fracking being given the go-ahead.