Chorley FC manager Garry Flitcroft is hoping to corner the property market after launching his own eco-friendly timber frame housing business.

The ex-Blackburn Rovers captain has snapped up a 20,000 sqft factory on an eight acre site in St Michael’s near Garstang, which has become the home for Flitcraft EcoBuild timber frame specialists.

The company designs and manufactures self-build kit houses, using a timber frame system comprising injected structural insulated panels.

Garry, who led The Magpies to the championship in the spring, said: “I’ve always been interested in property.

“My dad was a builder so when I was 18 I bought four or five properties with my first signing on fee at Man City and things have snowballed from there.

“I’ve built up a large property portfolio over the last 25 years, consisting of residential and commercial property built in the traditional way. But this is completely different to anything I’ve done previously and I’m very excited about it. I really love the product and I think there’s massive potential for it going forwards.” The material can be used for anything from beach huts to bespoke mansions.

“In my opinion, this represents the future for the UK construction sector,” said Garry.

“The government are pushing the green agenda big time: they want us to use less energy so we don’t need to generate as much electricity as a nation.

“Therefore, the more energy efficient our homes can be, the better. This system is virtually zero carbon and because the houses are so well insulated, we estimate the annual heating cost for a typical four or five bedroom property could be as little as £500 per year.

“We’ve got 25 staff at the moment but we could easily accommodate 50 staff here if we hit our targets going forwards.”