NEW bungalows are being built on the site of a former sheltered housing scheme at The Willows in Coppull.

The homes are being built by Chorley Community Housing to replace the flats that were demolished by CCH in 2011.

The eight new properties, which will be offered to older people living in Coppull and which each feature two bedrooms, are being funded by Chorley Council.

Construction of the homes started in last month.

The bungalows are due to be completed by January 2015.

Adactus Housing Group Chief Executive Paul Lees said: “These new bungalows are already attracting enquiries from local residents asking how they can get on the list for one before the properties are even out of the ground.

“We are delighted to be working with the council to develop this site with homes that have got the community buzzing.”

Councillor Matthew Crow, in whose Coppull ward the bungalows are being built, said: “We have been working very closely with CCH to help deliver the regeneration we need for Coppull.

“Britain has 80 percent more over 65s than it did in 1951; our communities need developments like this to meet that rising demand. In turn they will go a long way to making our village a happier and more inclusive place in which to live. It’s onwards and upwards from here.”

Anyone interested in being rehoused in one of the bungalows is advised to contact CCH on 0845 303 5533 and register their interest via Select Move.