A couple from Chorley who racially abused a neighbour, played loud music and had noisy arguments in the street have been banned from the area for two years.

Susan Coakley from Northgate Drive and her partner Michael Wright have been handed injunctions, which will mean a prison sentence if breached.

The news comes just two months after Coakley was issued with a suspended sentence for racially-motivated assault in which she beat her victim and used threatening behaviour. The couple were repeatedly warned that they would face legal action should their behaviour continue but they remained a nuisance.

The neighbour reported the problems to Chorley Community Housing who then took legal action to have the couple removed.

Neither Coakley or White appeared at Preston County Court when their case was heard and the injunctions made against them.

Tenancy enforcement officer Anna Schickhoff-Brown said: “This is a really good result.

“This problem has been going on for some time and the neighbours were afraid to speak up.

“It only took one person to be willing to give a statement to help push the case to court.

“I’ve now been able to let other residents know about the injunctions, which will hopefully reassure them that we are dealing with the anti-social behaviour.”