QUARTERFINALS week and with our six remaining couples not only fearing the intensity of the final being two weeks away, but this week they also have to cope with dancing twice as its Swingathon week.

Ashley & Ola Salsa

What a performance! Ashley has worked extremely hard on his Salsa this week and the control on his lifts and tricks was off the scale, I personally would prefer to see him in a slightly higher Cuban heel as he is quite flat footed and needs a little more knee action to create a truer hip action but for me this was Ashley’s best performance to date.

Natalie & Artem Paso Doblé

A very dramatic performance of a Paso Doblé and a very balletic show routine but I have to agree with Len about the traditional content (or lack of) the story of the Paso is the male taking the part of the matador and the girl being his cape but as they were dancing apart for the majority of the routine it just felt more like two solo performances rather than a duet. (Sorry guys you know I think you are fab).

Patrick & Anya Rumba

A masculine Rumba with a strong action developing, with good use of arm lines and positions, there were however quite a few heel leads from Patrick, but I loved the tension they created.

Susanna & Kevin Argentine Tango

I loved the concept of this routine dancing an Argentine to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, I did feel that the routine was a little stompy in places rather than the creeping, sliding feel the Argentine should have, it was intense and the choreography fitted the music very well it was just a little clinical.

Abbey & Aljaz Viennese Waltz

An excellent Viennese Waltz with fantastic choreography, Abbey has just secured her place in the final with this routine, her upper body, in hold, was just beautiful with just the right amount of curve in her back, which takes years of experience to hold for any amount of time, she did lose her arm line slightly in the second half of the routine but did keep the energy level throughout, I would have scored this a ten and Abbey is the most improved in this year’s series and now really looks like a true dancer.

Sophie & Brendan Tango

This dance should have been Sophie’s best dance yet, but for me it lacked the intensity of a Tango, I loved the story and the overall performance I just felt that Brendan looked as if he was really having to work too hard.


The Jiving, Lindying, Swinging free for all, where all our couples get to battle out on the floor at the same time as in a real dancing competition, it is very difficult to give an honest opinion on any couples performance as the camera angles made it difficult to watch them all collectively, however I suppose the judges’ decision is final and they scored as follows; Susanna & Kevin 1, Ashley & Ola 2, Abbey & Aljaz 3, Sophie & Brendan 4, Patrick & Anya 5, Natalie & Artem 6.

Sunday Results Show

A terrific titanium opening from our Strictly dancers but with both are remaining male celebrities in the dreaded dance off, you knew there was going to be tears. Ashley & Ola and Patrick & Anya both danced their hearts out and Ashley & Ola will be missed but Patrick & Anya are through to next week’s SEMI FINAL! The judges however were not unanimous in their decision, and Len got a little uptight as Bruno, Craig and Darcey all saved Patrick. http://www.dapacentre.co.uk http://www.dapacentre.org.uk http://www.dapa.info