‘Musical Week’ as we reach the last few stages of this year’s competition and our seven gallant couples become six.

Which of them is going to be all Broadway glamour and who will be walking the Yellow Brick Road home?

An amazing opening from our professional dancers to ‘Anything goes’ from the musical of the same name which has been running for over seventy nine years and still makes you want to get up and dance, it really is getting difficult to pick the finalists from this year’s celebrities as the bar is so high, I think we are going to be in for a few disappointments over the next couple of weeks so KEEEEEEP VOTING!

Patrick & Anya Charleston

For energy alone Patrick deserved tens, it just never stopped or faded, great style, great presentation and great energy, I did however find the music very difficult to follow and easily find the Charleston swing, but Patrick smashed it.

Natalie & Artem American Smooth Foxtrot

 Beautiful fluid movements with perfectly finished lines and musical interpretation made this a true professional performance, however I did feel that the ending lost energy and emotion somehow, and I did agree with Lens comment on the Foxtrot content, an American smooth should still be two thirds Foxtrot and one third lifts and breaks in tradition hold, but you cannot help swaying around on the sofa when watching these two together.

Mark & Iveta Samba

A true Samba showing great content and a good standard of technique, there were a few stonking heels at times but I loved the presentation and Marks ability to make me smile when I’m watching him dance.

Sophie & Brendan Viennese Waltz

 A lovely rotary Viennese Waltz with perpetual natural and reverse turns, a little lighter lilting action and a little straighter in the legs when closing the feet would have created a slightly smoother rotation and help to keep Sophie from leaning backwards as all the judges commented on it but none of them helped to correct it, but I loved the choreography and movement.

Abbey & Aljaz Salsa

WOW, I loved the presentation and constant energy levels, Abbey’s performance was incredible, I personally would have preferred to see the Salsa danced deeper into the floor, as they were quite light on their feet and the Disco music actually gave it more of a Hustle feel than a Salsa, but Abbey keep working this hard and we will see you in the final.

Ashley & Ola Rumba

Rumba is very difficult for a male to look masculine yet fluid and Ashley performed it perfectly there was some nice content and feeling to their routine it was clean and tidy and for me Ashley it was right on the money.

Susanna & Kevin Quickstep

This was one of the best Quickstep presentations we have seen this series, fast and furious with more content packed in than a tin of sardines, Susanna has wowed us and dances like she has been dancing for years, I crown Susanna Reid the dancer of the BBC award 2013!

Sunday Results Show

A Fame musical opening from our professional dancers that would look at home on any West End stage, but for the third time we see Mark & Iveta in the dreaded dance off, along with Ashley & Ola but Ashley and Ola make it through to the Quarter Finals. Mark you have been a star and strictly A1 performer, I hope you keep dancing.

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