Nigel Havers says cosmetic surgery is not for him because he would be laughed at.

The star, 68, looks after himself by eating well and not drinking too much alcohol.

Havers, who is fronting new BBC One show The Bidding Room, said: “I’m at an age I can just do what I want to do.

The Bidding Room airs on BBC One (BBC/Ricochet/Mitchell Collins)

“I don’t have to pretend to be anything other than what I am. The only good thing about being old is you can do what you want, pretty much, as long as you’re not hurting anybody,” he told the PA news agency.

He said: “I just eat carefully, don’t drink too much and be sensible.”

The ex-Coronation Street actor said wife Georgiana Bronfman, who he married in 2007, would find it hilarious if he underwent a nip and tuck.

Nigel Havers and his wife Georgiana Bronfman
Nigel Havers and his wife Georgiana Bronfman (Jonathan Brady/PA)

That’s “fine if other people want to do that. It’s just I think I’d be laughed at. My wife would laugh at me,” The Charmer star said.

Havers has signed up as host of The Bidding Room, a new BBC One daytime series in which dealers bid against each other for treasures brought in by the public.

He said he had to curb his passion for antiques after buying several of the objects brought in during the pilot.

“My wife said: ‘If you do that again I’ll scream!’, so I was very disciplined,” he said.

The Bidding Room starts on BBC One at 3.45pm on Monday, June 8.