Surreal, slapstick and sometimes just plain silly, Dan Antopolski is the perfect image of a zany stand-up.

Playing to a half-full theatre last night didn't phase Antopolski in the slightest - he chatted to the audience with ease, and around 40 minutes in, he 'started' his show.

His one-liners were painfully received - but I think this was a deliberate act to put the crowd off the scent before hitting us with some seriously good quality comedy.

He explained that you never know where you are with a cyclops - are they just blinking, or winking?

And he let us into a secret of how women can scare bees - by shouting 'boo-bees'.

But Antopolski had much more to give than some clever quips.

I always worry when the worlds of music and comedy collide.

His first 'song' was just plain bizarre - as are a lot of his jokes - but his big end surprisingly came in the form of a rap about how cool it is to own a laser.

Complete with backing track, smoke machine, disco lights and one of those £10 lasers from a diy shop, he stole his own show.

His lengthy monologue arguing with himself for longer than was comfortable to listen to about whether you describe a woman's locks as hair, or hairs brought tears to my eyes, in a good way.

You could write a novel about Antopolski’s on-stage antics.

In short, this man has pretty much every comedy base covered.

It was a brilliantly mad, funny show.