Address: 169 Wigan Road, Euxton

Phone number: 01257 262644

Chorley Citizen review by Chris Gee from November 14, 2007.

Papa's has been established on Wigan Road, Euxton for 20 years making it a stalwart of the Chorley restaurant scene.

Entering for a midweek evening meal, we were transported into surroundings reminiscent of a Roman piazza, with ornate pillars, full length wall paintings and tiled floors, giving the place a relaxed ambience.

The menu is typically Italian, with an a wide range of starters including calimari and home-made pate at prices of around £4-£6.

Opting to start with a large garlic bread, the thin and crispy appetiser disappeared almost instantly and set us up perfectly for what was to follow.

My risotto pollo was a textbook example of this difficult to execute dish, a depth of flavour being added to the rice by a rich stock accompanied by succulent chicken, onions and peppers.

Penne piccante was a spicy combination of large tube pasta, coated in an intense tomato sauce given a heat-ridden kick by the addition of Italian salami and plentiful fresh chillies and onion.

The mains were washed down with glasses of a superior house red wine, which was later revealed to be Chianti, from a short but varied wine list.

There are also draught Continental beers available.

An array of tempting deserts was set before us and we chose Il Honoure, an overindulgent triple choux pastry layered confection of almonds and cream, coated with cocoa powder alongside a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Service was attentive and polite if sometimes a little rushed. All in all, a restaurant that knows its job and serves its customers consistently well.

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