Strictly Come Dancing viewers were divided after Seann Walsh survived the chop in the latest elimination.

The comedian was the bookies’ favourite to get the boot after he and his married dance partner Katya Jones were pictured kissing.

However, the couple – who both apologised for making a “mistake” in the wake of the incident – survived the latest cut as Katie Piper was shown the door.

Many fans thought Walsh deserved to be eliminated.

“Disgrace that Sean and Kat Face are able to stay in,” said one outraged fan on Twitter.

“Seann and Katya got through?? The British public are scum,” posted another.

“Cannot believe seann and katya got through, what a great advertisement for cheating!?!” ranted another person.

One tweeted: “Ugh. The British public showing support for an absolute scumbag. Why am I not surprised Seann and Katya are still in. Vile.”

But others felt it was right that the decision was based on the dancing rather than Walsh and Jones’s personal lives.

“Yyyaaaayyy glad to see Seann and Katya made it through, what happened this week is no one else’s bleeding business and is down to the actual couple to sort out AND NOT Twitter to play judge and executioner!!” pointed out one viewer.

“I’m glad Seann and Katya got through. They’re bloody good dancers! There! I’ve said it,” posted another.

“Everyone has made mistakes. People need to get over it,” another viewer said.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One.