A VIDEO game developer has revealed his ambition for a computer games and animation festival inspired by a rural sculpture.

John Armstrong, 47, who lives in Edenfield, has had the idea for The Halo Festival of Games, which would be held in Rossendale and include appearances from key figures from the world of sci-fi and gaming, while also guiding younger people on jobs in the industry.

John, who went to school in Accrington and has worked in the games and mobile technology industry for more than 20 years, said he envisaged the symbol and centrepiece of the festival would be Halo, the panopticon artwork near Haslingden.

He said: “I thought that it would make a great backdrop for a games festival and why not try out an event in this area. I want to get Halo back to being the symbol of regeneration that everyone hoped it might be when it was created.

Through his international contacts in the games and animation industry John has enlisted the support of well known figures who have agreed in principle to appear at the event.

They include David Sobolov, the voice of Arbiter in Halo Wars and Azmodan in Diablo 3, Dan Walker who designed the Batman Begins batmobile and Doctor Who’s TARDIS, and Andy Diggle, writer for 2000AD and other Marvel and DC comics.

The idea for a festival has also received backing from television personality and comedian Stephen Fry, who posted details of the plans to his 4.8 million followers on Twitter. John also believes any festival would also inspire young East Lancashire people who aspire to work in media industries.

John added that his vision would see an initial one-day festival, with a games buy and swap market, game designers hosting workshops, video games and voice actors showing their craft and live action role players performing beneath the Halo.

More information can be found at the Facebook group HaloFestival.