The Wii U, tablet and smartphone devices are further evidence of the games industry’s creativity and popularity, a leading gaming organisation says.

Nintendo's new machine, the Wii U – which sold 400,000 in its first week in the US – is indicative of the confidence in the gaming industry, says TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video games industry.

Its innovative screen-based gamepad, the organisation continues, also shows how the boundaries between portable gaming and traditional consoles is blurring.

Although there has been some stagnation with gamers waiting for the next PlayStation and Xbox, these are set to be announced next year. Millions of consoles are still sold and played each year and the Nintendo Wii U adds to that mix.

Yet there has also been a rise in mobile games development studios over the last year, driven in part by the increasing prevalence of smart phones and the lower costs of development.

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, said: "The Wii U's early commercial success and innovation shows the games industry’s creativity and popularity. The Wii U is an exciting new format and it is a powerful machine. Yet we have also seen a major rise in PC gaming - Minecraft is testament to its on-going popularity and Steam is of course a major platform. Additionally, the increasing prevalence of smart phones and tablets provides further opportunities for games developers to create and publish new content. There are now more great opportunities for games developers.”