Would the gentle little village of Adlington be ready for such a raucous night of action?

I can honesty say the answer was a resounding yes.

The fun started at curtain up and continued right until the very end when six very brave men ripped their clothes off with only a hat and some strategically placed lighting to spare their blushes.

There is some nudity and the men do get down to their birthday suits but it is all tastefully done and you could take your mum (as I did) or grandmother and feel perfectly at ease.

This was St Paul's Players at their rip-roaring best. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as we all cried with laughter from start to finish.

This musical extravaganza remains true to the original film but instead of being set in Sheffield here in England it's set in Buffalo, New York.

It tells the tale of six “real” men of varying sizes who decide to do “the full monty” to raise some much needed cash.

There are some fine New York accents and some very fine acting in particular Graham Hope as the hapless Malcom MacGregor and real-life stripper Antoni Savage who played Noah Simmons (Horse) who was well deserved of the extra loud applause and cheers he received.

Graham Cohen was hilarious as dance teacher Harold Nichols.

If you wonder how they actually achieve the "full monty" get your tickets and get along to Adlington.

Suffice to say very little is left to the imagination.

Gayle McBain.

* Runs until Saturday. Tickets £8 concessions £6.50 from 01204 407784