Address: Park Road, Chorley

Phone no: 01257 260868

Lancashire Telegraph review by Chris Gee from June 4, 2010.

The Oriental is an established takeaway which has enjoyed a consistently excellent reputation among those who enjoy Chinese food.

Generous portions are always piping hot with a sense that care is taken with ingredients.

For example, a dish of chicken and char siu fried rice comes with a neatly sliced whole marinated chicken breast covering the sizzling rice.

The hot and sour soup came with a subtle chilli kick with fresh, crunchy vegetables and several king prawns in the thick broth while the won ton soup contained delicate and correctly textured pork dumplings.

The Singapore noodles were also spiced to perfection, with prawns combined with several meats in a coating of sticky, chilli-flecked sauce and tasty noodles.

The prices at the Oriental are sometimes slightly higher than some other Chinese takeaways in the area, however, the quality of food on offer means that value is maintained.

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