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Lancashire Telegraph review by Kimberley Hall from March 29, 2010.

A quick search on the Internet for a new place to eat took to me and a friend to Dantes for a catch up.

As we both love Italian food I thought we’d be in for a treat, and walking in to find a large, busy restaurant seemed positive signs.

We ordered drinks at the bar and after a couple of minutes in the plush lounge we were shown to a table.

The menu was large in choice and size but couldn't shield my eyes from remnants of a meal presumably enjoyed by previous customers on the floor and a bit on the table. We also had to ask for clean cutlery. The place wasn't dirty, but it wasn't the best of starts.

We went for a bowl of olives which were quickly devoured followed by a tomato and garlic bread that disappeared almost as quickly. It was thin and tasty with the perfect amount of topping.

After a short wait when we tried in vain to get the attention of a waiter to order more drinks, our main courses of pizza diavola (£8.50) and grilled halibut with new potatoes and vegetables (£14.75) arrived and they were very good.

The potatoes and veg were unseasoned, which I tend to find quite uninspiring. The veg was cooked al dente which was fine by me. The pizza was spicy but the flavours of the salami and peppers still came through.

At over £46.47 for the food and two drinks each, it wasn't budget dining, but the service didn't match the price tag.

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