Address: St Thomas’s Road, Chorley.

Phone number: 01257 241040

Lancashire Telegraph review by Jane Willis from December 5, 2008.

When you walk into the New Season you just know the food is going to be good.

Wooden floors, rustic decor and a scrumptious odour of spices and coffee.

We’d booked a table for ten as a send-off to a colleague who was leaving.

Despite the place being busy, staff had no problem catering for our large party with swift and friendly service.

The menu wasn’t vast (not always a bad thing) and we skipped a starter relying instead on the free compliment of olives and feta cheese.

For the main course most of us opted for various dishes.

Two of us went for the succulent beef stoganoff which was delicious and cooked in a sauce perfectly with seasoned rice.

My colleagues had no complaints about their piri piri choices, one chicken the other huge king prawns, while the boss and her husband went for chicken tagine served in a traditional pot and cooked with delicious fruits such as apricots and prunes.

Of all the foods served there was only one grumble and that came from the vegetarian among us.

There isn’t a vast veggie selection and my colleague found his tortilla espanola thin and bland, not thick and spicy as expected.

The ‘ciabatta’ bread also looked “more like pitta.”

A chalkboard of desserts included hot Belgian chocolate which four of us lapped up while a friend was disappointed they’d run out of ice cream but delighted with the free sorbet offer instead.

As you’d expect New Season offers a range of bottled beers and wines as well as soft drinks and coffees.

I would definitely recommend it.

The food is good, served hot, the atmosphere and service, warm and cheerful, and the ethnic mix of colours, textures and smells are inviting.

At about £7 for main meals and about £4 for desserts, the price isn’t bad either.

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