Address: Town Road, Croston

Phone number: 01772 600370

Lancashire Telegraph review by Jane Willis from August 19, 2008.

Potential suitors take note - the way to my daughter's heart is chips! Thick chips, thin chips, whatever, just providing they don’t resemble “roast potatoes” as served at The Wheatsheaf.

Very chunky chips might be popular with chefs in ‘posh’ restaurants but I’m not quite sure it suits a local country pub. Even I burnt my pallet on a chip I thought had cooled enough - not ideal considered nine out of ten kiddies want chips with everything.

For my daughter the meal was marred from then on despite her love of the garlic bread cheese starter served on a lovely fresh half ciabatta.

A nibble of her generous helping of oven baked chicken fillet with cheese (minus the bacon as requested) melted in the mouth. Well cooked, well presented and very succulent.

Having ordered chef's pie of the day without inquiry I broke through the golden brown puff pasty top to unearth a deep ceramic pot ample-filled with tender chicken and leek. Juicy and cooked to perfection - I want the recipe!

Food is a big feature of this pub where restaurant meals and pub specials are offered, varying in price from £10.50-£14.95 and £7.95 respectively.

There are quite a few vegetarian options as well as specials for youngsters.

Starters from £4.95-£5.97 are only offered on the restaurant menu but you can mix and match and there was no objection to ordering a cheaper side order instead.

Taking advantage of the vast outdoor seating area we enjoyed the sunshine and the relaxed ambiance at the pub which attracted a mixed age group of people. Some for a meal out with friends, others simply enjoying the pub’s varied draught and bottled beers while flicking through the pages of a newspaper. Such is the atmosphere of this pub despite its location just a few yards from the often busy main Town Road that runs through this lovely village.

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