Address: Dole Lane, Chorley, PR7 2RL.

Phone number: 01257 231975

Lancashire Telegraph review by Kimberley Hall from January 22, 2011.

It was late when we walked into Hyatt, but by the welcome we received you’d have thought we were their first customers.

We chose as quickly as possible from the big menu; prawn madras for me and chicken asraf for my friend.

The poppadums came fairly quickly, although they forgot the lime pickle we requested until we’d nearly finished, but we weren't charged so weren’t too bothered.

The curries came after not too long and my request for chapattis instead of naan bread was met with no problems.

We dived in and polished off the lot. My madras had the spicy kick you'd expect with plenty of prawns and the chicken won the prize for tastiest dish on our table.

Even the rice was pretty tasty for standard pilau, and the chapattis were close to perfection.

The total bill came in at under £26, including a couple of drinks. For freshly cooked, tasty food that you don’t have to wait for, it rates above well average I'd say.

Chorley Citizen review by Tyrone Marshall from February 29, 2008.

Hyatt is one of the more expensive Indian restaurants in the Chorley area, but unfortunately it doesn't always live up to its billing.

I have been to the restaurant, tucked away on Dole Lane, near the town hall, several times, and have found the food to vary from wonderful to woeful.

But the large seating area is always busy, particularly over the weekend, which suggests that it retains its popularity, and on the last occasion I visited there were two parties of over 15 people being catered for at the same time.

For starters I had chicken pakora, a well-sized and tasty portion of battered chicken, served with a good side salad, but my partner's lamb tikka starter was a disappointment, covered in fat and under-cooked.

To the staff's credit it was returned by a very helpful waiter, and a second portion, slightly better and sizzling hot, arrived promptly.

For the main meals I had chicken tikka masala, which was cooked to perfection, in an excellent sauce which was a sizzling red colour.

My partner had a chicken tikka madras, which was an improvement on the starter, but not as nice as the tikka masala.

The chicken seemed to have been cooked separately from the other main, as it was a lot chewier, and did not go down as well. We also shared several poppadoms, which were complemented by a good range of accompaniments, as well as a portion of boiled rice and chips.

The Hyatt has a good drinks selection, with several different wines, as well as a few traditional Indian drinks and lagers.

The restaurant also excels in creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where everybody seems to be enjoying themselves.

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