PRISON inmates are supporting children at Brockholes Nature Reserve thanks to a new project.

Inmates of Garth Prison in Leyland have been fixing tools for the reserve.

After a successful star for the Tools Shed campaign, ran by The Conservation Foundation, the inmates have run out of tools to repair and are asking for donations for more tools to repair.

NW Co-ordinator and Brockholes volunteer Hugh Sloan said: “Tools Shed started as a pilot at HMP Wandsworth in 2006 and it was a great success, it’s now running in seven prisons across the UK, thanks to funding from the Big Lottery.

“Staff and the prisoners at Garth are keen on this project.

"We will ask for broken tools to be handed in to various locations.

" It is a really good way to provide good quality second hand tools.

“We currently have a cage in the compound at Brockholes ready to collect tools and the response from volunteers has been excellent.

"Anyone else can bring tools that are broken or they don’t need. And the prisoners have already fixed the tools we have supplied so far.”

The tools are non-powered gardening tools, including spades, forks, trowels and rakes.

Workshop tools – hammers and saws – should not be donated.

Mr Sloan said: "This will help to teach prisoners practical skills that can be used after they have been released and the tools will be used to teach children restoration skills, possibly providing training for a future career.”

Anyone who has unwanted or broken tools can drop them off at Brockholes or call 01772 872000 for more information.