AN ‘outstanding’ primary school is at the centre of an exam probe, it has emerged.

Barrow URC Primary School in the Ribble Valley has had this summer’s SATs results ‘suppressed’ as a ‘maladministration’ investigation is under way.

Year Six pupils take the Key Stage Two national curriculum tests in the summer, with schools releasing the results at the start of July.

But according to one parent, who put in a request for more information, the school has only released ‘teacher assessment’ results.

In another Freedom of Information Request to obtain pupils’ results, the Standards and Testing Agency responded: “The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) can confirm that a maladministration investigation at Barrow URC Primary School is on-going and the results will remain suppressed until the investigation has been resolved.”

A spokesperson for Barrow School said: “As parents and carers already know, there is currently an ongoing investigation and, because of that, the school is not in a position to comment.

“Stakeholders have been fully informed and, as soon as the investigation is complete, they will be contacted and given further information.”

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “The Standards Testing Agency can confirm there is an on-going maladministration investigation at Barrow URC Primary School, however we are unable to comment further at this time.”

Submitting a request for more information to Lancashire County Council on the What Do They Know website, one parent wrote: “I’d like to know the outcome of the STA maladministration’s decision on the SATs results (KS2 2019) from Barrow URC Primary School

“The school have only given parents the Teacher Assessment, but I want to know if the results have been annulled or, if not, what the scores are.

“I have a right to know as a parent.

“My daughter worked so hard, and to be blinkered by the school is outrageous!”

Barrow URC Primary School is an Ofsted rated “outstanding school” and in 2018, 81 per cent of children reached the expected standard in the 3Rs.

The department for education will publish the SATs results of every school in the country in December.