THE end of the school term usually means a non-uniform day, coupled with a chance to watch a film or play some games.

But for pupils from an Accrington primary school, the fun was taken to the next level when Circus Sensible came to town.

Celebrating the end of term in style, a big top was set up in the grounds of Accrington Green Haworth primary school, and the children got the chance to learn all about the circus and got to hone a few tricks themselves.

Headteacher, Phil Turner said: “We try to have an off-curriculum event at least once a year, but this is the first time we’ve done something with the circus.

“The day was broken down into two sessions - a morning and an afternoon session where each class spent some time learning circus skills in the big top.

"The children were learning skills from plate spinning to the diablo and they then had the chance to demonstrate what they learned under the big top, to their parents.

"The kids have really loved it and it's been great fun."

Parent, Catherine Chadwick, whose daughter, Faith, nine, enjoyed learning how to master the diablo, said: "The kids have been so excited about it for days and as they were coming into school they could see the big top from the road and it made them even more giddy.

"It's been good for them to learn new skills and bring them together and have a bit of excitement in the school day.

"My son now wants to be an acrobat and they'll all be asking for juggling sets for summer."

Carson Scott, nine, said the sessions had been excellent:

He said: "We put our books away and didn't have any lessons, and got to watch the circus people who showed us how to do all these different things, and then we got chance to learn too.

"We've had chance to learn with the spinning plates and the diablo, and the ribbons."

Macey Culshaw, 10, said she had a brilliant time.

She said: "We learned all the real circus tricks but I think it would take a really long time to learn them all properly and perfectly.

"It was good to have no lessons and I'm looking forward to the summer holidays now."